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massage natura

We discovered that enjoying Nature, we feel happier and calmer. Therefore, we transmit this comforting essence through our treatments.

The massage works on the physical body improving the tissues, the functioning of the organs, relieving pains, tensions and contractures. At the same time, it is more than a set of manual maneuvers; It is an exceptional way to communicate without words. With the hands we transmit accompaniment, relaxation, comfort and healing energy that help to calm the stress. It is the sum of technique and intention, science and art. Home Massage Girona

The creators of this project are Alex and Rosa. Our team consists of several therapists specialized in body work and massage as a holistic method of health. We have a large repertoire of manual techniques from the East and the West. We apply organic products that we make by hand and others that provide us with recognized brands.

Massage Natura provides professional services throughout the Catalan territory. We are installed in the Empordá, Costa Brava, natural paradise of crystalline beaches and towns with enormous charm. We offer spa treatments, rituals and massages, both to individuals and companies, hotels and events. Home Massage Girona

Muscle tension

We accumulate repetitive movements, bad postures, overloads, rutines. When you feel the body rigid and stiff, it is that you need a set-up, stretch and come back to you.


Release stress, angst, anxiety that today causes numerous diseases, through muscular or energetic massage, harmonizes body and mind, and prevents physical somatization.


Sometimes, we accept moderate as chronic pain when they have a remedy. Let's put a solution to it, preventing the pain from becoming intense or unbearable.

Difficulty to enjoy

We devour the moments without tasting them when we are not really inhabiting the present. Through touch and sensations we develop a fuller attention, which gives us the enjoyment of each experience.

We create these massages inspired by the five elements of nature: space, air, fire, water and earth.

The rituals are delivered topically on the skin and are made with the intention that you smell, listen and feel the experience in a holistic and emotional way.

Every element and its properties and characteristics indulge you in a unique experience.

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Western techniques, such as chiromassage and Orientals, from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, promote the reestablishment of health.

We can recommend you according to discomfort, ailments, needs, what massage is more appropriate to your moment.

We also perform facial and body beauty treatments for skin care.

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Resources for Enterprises

In-house massage service, with our own tents and materials.

We customize the proposal

Weekly sessions, in different points of the province of Girona

Outdoor events: accompaniments, fairs, congresses

Company meetings


Celebrations: birthdays, meetings, weddings

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