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About Us

Massagists for a decade

Practitioners of natural and holistic health

Nature lovers

Rosa García

Psychocorporal and professional massage therapist. Degree in Psychology, University of Salamanca. I studied in Slovenia and Chile, Gestalt psychotherapy.
I learned Chinese Medicine at the CENAC school in Barcelona, where my professional practice was born. I am a specialist in Sports Chiropractic and Foot Reflexology.

I have been working as a therapist for a decade on my own and in different centres and spas, such as the Hotel Terraza in Rosas or the Hostal Empuries, in l'Escala.

On my trip to Asia, I learned from the Indian Ayurveda tradition, the Abhyanga massage, as well as the Shirodhara cranial relaxation technique. I was also able to benefit from their traditional method and art in Thailand.

My passion for dance has accompanied me since I was a child, bringing me closer to all types of dances; its regular practice gives me rhythm and fluidity in the treatments.

Listening to the biodynamic rhythms of nature, I pick and mace medicinal plants from the nearby forests. These oils are the ones we apply in our massages.

Throughout the whole journey, Reiki has been the background music, the tool that effortlessly harmonizes dissonance and awakens the body's own wisdom.
I practice presence in each session, to add to the technique a deep peace.


We met many years ago in different projects, sharing therapeutic trainings and moments of nature. Sun and rain nurtured us, like fertile soil, which inspired us to sprout.

For years we were professionally dedicated, each of us on our own. However, life has provided us with bridges, affinities and spaces for sharing, learning and laughter 😉.

We understood that merging our knowledge and techniques is as beneficial for us as it is for you. Finally, the fruit ripened to be tasted: Massage Natura.

Now we want to offer you pleasant moments full of listening, joy and serenity.


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