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For Companies

In-home massage service, with our own tents and materials

Satisfaction of its clients, with quality therapeutic massages, in their own language and 5-star treatment

An original menu of treatments, for the delight of the senses

Consult your case

We customize your proposal


Massages of 30, 60 or 90 minutes are offered on a stretcher, chair or futon.

Custom designed, the duration of the service and its components, with the option of live music, sound trip, accompanying the session.

Ideal to dress up your event or complete the offer of activities of your company. Offer your clients a healthy leisure alternative.

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Weekly proposal

A moment of regular wellbeing in your space, for your clients or workers.

One day per week, we will go to your business, with your own material and logistical facilities.

We offer massages in chair and stretcher.


Sessions of half an hour per person, applying Localized Massages.

We accompany company outings, birthdays, meals, even weddings!

According to your needs you can choose between:

Reflexology podal

Massage Sports

Face treatment

Flexible, easy, ready

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